Bringing It All Together

Together in our Personal Learning Network (PLN), we have run around the playground and we have strolled along the beach. So now let's turn our attention to enjoying the outdoors in a more formal sense. For our analogy this time, let's get involved in the hobby of birding (which by the way is the fastest growing outdoor activity in America.) More specifically, let's think about the steps that would be involved in building a birdhouse so that you, a hobbyist, could attract the kinds of birds you are most interested in watching!

You have spent part of the last couple of years or so working through Library2Play 23 Things and Library2Play2 11.5 More Things experiencing online resources that assist you and your students in the learning process. Through this Library2Play 3 adventure, you will now have an opportunity to bring the bits and pieces together in a more "formal" product that you will use at some point with your students in the upcoming semester. The product or project you create through this professional development will be the "birdhouse" that will attract your students to the learning!

This video reflects how some Things you have learned in the previous programs can be combined and used to create a student product! [yes this talks about a program, but you look at the skills!!]

Here is another example of how a group of students put a project together using similar Things you will be exploring. Take note of the music in both videos -- they CAN use the tunes because they have TRANSFORMED them -- New lyrics!!

Find more videos like this on TLNing

So the product/project you decide to create, or the "birdhouse" you decide to build, can be something that YOU will use in teaching something to your students OR a model of what you expect your students to create through the process you build here.

An even MORE important aspect of this particular professional development activity is that it will provide you with a concise guide to share with other teachers and learners in your circle of influence that are interested in doing similar things with their students. You will be able to point them to your blog where they can see the steps you went through and the kinds of questions you worked through in building your product.

Please create a new blog for Library2Play3
Because of the uniqueness of this particular learning process, a blog devoted to only the analysis of your project is critical. You will want to virtually hand over your analysis of what you did for someone else to follow. Don't you agree it would be difficult for another user to have to pick around and through other blog posts!
How to create a second blog:
1. Sign in using the same email address and password that you do for the blog you already have.
2. You should be on your Dashboard. There will be a blue link on the right that says "Create a blog."
3. Click that link and you should recognize the steps!
If it has been awhile and you are rusty on how to set up the new blog, contact the County Extension Agent

The seven Posts that you will write about the process of Library2Play3 are:

Bringing It All Together

Thing #1 Access Information
Thing #2 Evaluate Information
Thing #3 Plan, Organize and Synthesize Information
Thing #4 Create New Information
Thing #5 Share The Information

Reflection and Evaluation

You must register your blog with the Library2Play 3 County Extension Agent.
Email with:
1. Blog name/title of your blog. Remember the nature of this project calls for a new blog!
2. Your name as you are known in your blog--YOUR blog identity.
3. Your blog address which will look like:

4. SBISD campus (or school district for outside hobbyists. )

Until you do this, you are not officially a participant and are not eligible for credit or certificate.

If you are a SBISD employee and wish to receive the 6 hours of professional development off-contract hours, you must be registered on PDLC. If you have problems registering on PDLC for this course, contact
The PDLC course is # 1671.13674

Come to a bird club meeting (for no extra credit) at the SBISD Media Center from 9:00-3:00 on these dates only:
Tuesday, June 22nd
Wednesday, July 7th
Thursday, July 15th
Tuesday, July 20th
The County extension agent and some ornithologists will be available for help during these come-and-go sessions. Hobbyists will help each other as well!

If you are from outside SBISD, in September, you will receive a certificate indicating the 6 hours of off-contract professional development to use in gaining any type of credit your institution may have.

For your "Bringing It All Together" post:
1. Describe the topic that your product will reflect.
2. How does that fit into the curriculum that your students will be learning in your room?
3. Are there particular TEKs/TAKs and or goals that this topic will cover.
4. How do you think presenting the topic with a technology-influenced twist will change the students reaction to the information?